Reims : from champagne city to modern economy

Publié le lundi 4 avril 2011

Reims s'exporte avec cet article publié récemment dans le journal britannique The Guardian :

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For French businesses, Reims is the Paris satellite conurbation of choice, with 4,000 jobs created in the past five years.

Determined to rouse what they called a "sleeping giant", local politicians and entrepreneurs lobbied for a TGV high-speed train line, which opened in 2007, halving the journey time from Paris to 45 minutes. Keen to avoid high operating costs and crowded facilities in the capital, businesses are choosing between cities such as Lille, Orleans, Rouen and Reims in a 200km radius around the capital. Over the past five years, about 4,000 jobs have come to Reims, giving this ancient city an unlikely affinity with Milton Keynes: for French businesses, it is the Paris satellite conurbation of choice.

The city's economic development matches the wider country: more than half the working adults in Reims are employed in the services industry, the same as France, compared with 5% in agriculture. Call centres vie with vineyards as an economic emblem, with the pay-TV group Canal Plus, mobile phone operator Orange and the 118 008 directory enquiries service all routing customer calls through Reims.

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